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Welcome to our Pelagic Offshore Expedition and get ready to explore the open ocean off San Diego aboard our fantastic Zodiac boat in a small group ocean safari in search of Pelagic Life.

Typical wildlife encounters at our 'Pelagic Offshore Expedition' range from  Mola Mola’s (Sunfish), Kelp paddies, Sea Lions, Sharks, Bait Balls, and multiple species of whales and dolphins. 


Depending on your experience and comfort level, the species of wildlife we find, and their behavior. There's always the opportunity to get in the water and enjoy an upfront encounter.  If you are ready to enjoy a day out of the ordinary, this expedition is for you!






Difficulty level:

Beginner/Intermediate, although no scuba diving experience is needed we require you to be familiarized with snorkeling and in good physical shape.


6:00 Hours





Location of Departure/Return:

Expeditions depart at 9:00 AM from Mission Bay, San Diego California, returning to the dock at approximately 3:00 PM. We might return at a different time depending on weather conditions and our guests' preferences.


Public Charter:

$385.00 USD*

Private Charter (Up to six guests):

$2,200.00 USD*

*Plus tax and booking platform fees. 


Max capacity:

6 Guests.

Please note that a minimum of three (3)  guests are needed for this expedition to run.

If we don't reach the minimum threshold on your expedition we'll let you know and you'll be presented with the following options:


A) Purchase an additional ticket and reach the threshold. 

B) Reschedule.                       

C) Ask for a full refund.                   


Expedition Includes:

Water and healthy snacks. You are welcome to bring your own food *Please let us know if you have any food allergies.


Snorkel equipment (Fins, Mask, 7mm Wetsuit) not included. Please enquire if you need us to provide snorkel equipment for an additional rental fee.

  • Gratuities: Although never expected gratuities are a great way of saying thanks to our hardworking crew.



We recommend you bring a warm set of clothes and a towel (Layering works great) We’ll be most of the day under the sun so please bring reef-safe sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

If prone to seasickness we recommend you to take a dose of seasickness medicine the night before your expedition and another one 30 minutes before the trip.  

Please note our Zodiac boat cruises at 15+ mph and although our Captain will maneuver to avoid 'bumps' there's always the possibility to encounter unexpected rough seas. With this in mind, we do not recommend our expeditions for people with back or neck problems.

What does pelagic mean?

The word "pelagic" is derived from Ancient Greek πέλαγος (pélagos) 'open sea'.

What is the minimum age required for this expedition?


You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this activity. *We may be able to make exceptions for younger guests accompanied by their legal guardians.

I Don't have a wetsuit , mask or fins. Can I rent one from you?

We work with a third party provider offering  fitting rooms located  at just 6 miles from our marina where  you can try and rent all the snorkeling gear you'll need for this trip.


Depending on your needs, the kit rental cost ranges from $30.00 to $40.00 per day.  Please let us know if you'll need to rent equipment and we'll point you in the right direction.

Are we getting in the water?  /  Do I need a diver certification?


This is an open ocean snorkeling experience, as such, you are not required to be certified as a Scuba Diver. However, we require you to be in good physical shape, comfortable in the water, and familiarized with snorkeling.


If in doubt, please reach out to us. We reserve the right to provide this service if we deem you unqualified. The safety of our guests and the wildlife we visit is paramount, thank you for understanding.

Which species can we expect to find in this expedition?

That's exactly what we love about this expedition. The possibilities are endless. We typically find Sun Fish, dolphins, multiple fish species at the kelp paddies, gray whales, blue whales, humpback whales all depending on the season of your trip. 

Wildlife Disclaimer:

Please note that to the unpredictable nature of wildlife, we are not in a position to guarantee any sightings. However, we’ll do our best to improve our chances. Typically, there's always something to discover at sea, patience is a well-rewarded virtue at the open ocean.

Cancellation Policy:

100% of the trip payment is required at the time of booking to reserve the expedition. You can cancel up to two weeks before the trip for a full refund*.


*In the case of a trip cancellation outside the two week margin but with at least than 8 days of advance notice we'll be granted a  refund up to 80% of the  cost. From seven days to 49 hrs up to 70% of cost. Cancellations within less than 48 hours of trips won't be eligible for any refund.


*We reserve the right to re-book any expedition due to unfavorable weather conditions, in this case, you will be informed and rescheduled at the earliest date available.


*Our Pelagic Offshore expeditions need a minimum of three passengers to run, if we don't reach the threshold you can either purchase an additional ticket, rescheduled at a later date or be refunded





I am still processing the best wildlife encounter I’ve ever experienced in my life on board NetZero expeditions. We started the journey with multiple pods of dolphins that enjoyed swimming right next to our Zodiac and we continued with some sea lions and mola mola that came to the surface to say hi. But the best moment arrived when encountering wild yellowfin tuna hunting anchovies and we could witness the spectacular scenario underwater!! With no doubt a memory for a lifetime. I would definitely recommend this company if you want to explore the ocean reduce your carbon footprint, as well as enjoy a beautiful trip with an amazing crew!


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