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 We use the same boats as Coastguard's rescue teams for a good reason. Zodiacs excel in Comfort, Safety, Speed, and Navigation. Their low-profile design places you right in the action, delivering an unparalleled sense of adventure. Think of them as the 4x4's of the seas. 


Comfort: Zodiac RIBs cut through the water easily making the ride much smoother and less bumpy, providing excellent stability for passengers - even in rough conditions.

Safety: Zodiac RIBs generally are easily maneuvered, responding to changes in motion and direction very quickly compared to other types of boats. They are also practically impossible to capsize and that’s the reason they are used widely by coast guard authorities and rescue teams worldwide.

Speed: Zodiac are light, rendering them the fastest and most fuel-efficient vessels in their cattegory. 



Measurements / Dimensions

   Beam :8 ft. 2 in. (2.5 m)

   Beam - Meters :2.49

   Beam - Inches :98

   Weight - Detail :1,257 lbs. (570 kg)

   Weight - kg :570.17

   Weight - lbs. :1257

   Width [transom] - Detail :4 ft. 5 in. (1.35 m) inside width

   Length [deck] :13 ft. 8 in. (4.16 m) inside length

   Length - Feet :20.67

   Length overall - Detail :20 ft. 8 in. (6.3 m)

   Length overall - Meters :6.3

   Length overall - Inches :248


Body / Hull

   Make :Zodiac

   Model :Pro Open 650

   Hull material :Fiberglass

   Hull type :Inflatable Rigid


Pontoon and Inflatable Specific

   Tube diameter :1 ft. 11 in. (0.575 m)

   Number of tubes :Airtight Compartments: 5


Engine and Drivetrain

   Fuel tank capacity - Detail :47.6 gal. (180 l)

   Fuel tank capacity - Liters :181.7

   Fuel tank capacity - Gal :47.6

   Fuel type :Gas

   Drive type :Outboard

   Engine :Yamaha 150 hp 



   Maximum speed :53 mph (85 km/h)


Operational Info

   Maximum capacity :2,249 - 3,836 lbs. (1,020 - 1,740 kg)

   Maximum people : 6 / 15

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