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MARINE BASED Productions

We have a strong background in the media production industry backed by over a decade of experience collaborating in multiple types of media productions; From natural history blue-chip documentaries to narrative features and commercial projects. We've done it all. 

Specializing in marine based productions we've shot around the globe; From the polar regions to tropical waters we thrive in all kinds of locations. Proudly, our work has been showcased by most of the leading broadcasters and streamers worldwide.

Boat charters, gear rentals, underwater support, local production crews with dual citizenship (US/MX). Fixing logistics in  Southern California and Baja. We can take over your ocean based production or support your team in any capacity. Hire expertise.




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With boats in San Diego, La Paz and, Cozumel and a strong network of captains. We're strategically located to serve Natural History productions across SoCal, Baja and the Mexican Caribbean.

We strive to provide the most adequate vessels for the needs of our clients including top-notch production experienced captains and crews.  


We can help you secure the animal behavior your looking to capture using the optimal type of ocean production platform: Ribs, catamarans and long rage expedition vessels all available  meet the needs and budget of your production.  



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